There’s no doubt that iOS 7 is a fantastic new release featuring a comprehensive end to end redesign of iOS. here is a complete rundown of some of the more popular features of iOS 7 that they simply didn’t have time to talk about this year’s keynote event

Other new features in iOS 7.’s

Enterprise single sign-on.
FaceTime audio.
Turn by turn walking directions.
View PDF annotations.
Italian, Korean and Dutch dictionaries.
Scan to acquire passbook passes.
Activation lock.
New Smart mailboxes.
Notification synch.
Long MMS support.
Managed app configuration.
Per app VPN (this will be excellent for UnoTelly).
Night mode for maps.
Wi-Fi hotspots 2.0.
Maps bookmark syncing.
Chinese-English bilingual dictionary.
Smart download of TV episode.
App Store volume purchase.
Phone, FaceTime and Message blocking.
Do not track option in Safari.
Handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters.
Improved mill surge.
And finally streamline MDM enrolment

iOS 7 New Features WWDC 2013 : The iOS 7 features they didnt have time to talk about at WWDC

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