iOS 7 is simply unbelievable, it’s just simply gorgeous from the typography on the lock screen to the vitality of the background is used. The home screen icons have had a complete makeover making them more simplistic but not insultingly so.  Perhaps harking back to an era of aqua interfaces which has now evolved<

Your own wallpaper will affect the colour scheme from Windows 95. As you muse that the device in your hand it actually tracks your motion in a parallax fashion C can see behind the icons.
The weather app is particularly interesting because it seems to copy along the style and design from the much coveted Yahoo weather app. It really does take advantage of every pixel on the retina display.
The 10 new features of iOS 7
 control centre.
Control centre is something so simple, yet so essential. With control centre you swipe from the bottom of your iPhone upwards to get access to a whole host of features at the tap.
Here you can change the following.
media controls
and of course your apps are still along the bottom.
available from anywhere, including your lock screen.
This means instead of three taps to turn off or on your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi it simply 2.
 Multitasking is now available for all apps within iOS7  with great battery life. Imagine you have an up that you use constantly throughout the day such as social networking app, twitter and you’re checking in all the time while I West seven will notice that pattern of use and will provide that up with frequent background processing power to stay up to date. Perhaps you have another app that you use would you just check on infrequently and that gives back room cycles but just enough to keep you updated for when you need it.
Intelligent scheduling.
Opportunistic updates.
Adaptive network conditions.
Coalesced updates.
Push triggers.
Double tap of the home button brings up something not too dissimilar to cards showing you a preview of your application we can swipe left and right to swap between applications.
It has a great new full-screen view seeking really focus on your content. You can pull down all tough at the top to get a smart search fields from that search field you can get one tougher access to all of your favourites as well as to search and accessing URLs.  There’s also a great new interface for your tabs
 in addition to all of this you also get.
Full-screen interfaces.
Smart field search.
New tab view.
* no longer limited to just eight)
*  iCloud tabs will also appear next to your local tabs.
Parental controls.
iCloud Keychain
Navigation has received an update within iOS 7 for the iPhone. If you are within a web page just swipe from the side and screamed to the right it will take you to your previous page. Those familiar with android for the devices will no doubt be snickering that we are only just getting this feature.
Control centre.
At the top have switches for aeroplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, night mode and rotation lock. Below that you can adjust the screen’s brightness. There’s also a built-in flashlight feature which should put an end to the deluge of apps of that nature.
You can place song turn on a play and do so much more and of course control centre is available anywhere within your iPhone and what you’re doing. It takes to personality of the environment by labouring a transparency over the background of whatever it is you may be doing.
The familiar double tap of the home button will bring up the views of all your open applications. You can obviously navigate between them or in the typical Apple fashion of swiping left or right and of course a simple tap will take you pry into the application.
IOS 7 Air drop
 now when you’re in any app that support something called a share sheet, and your friends are all around you gesture worked right there..
If you want to share a picture with multiple people or you do is select your picture, select the people in the room you want to share with and that’s it. No more having to share files one at a time.
 You don’t have to bump your phone whilst wandering around the room any more lol.
Air drop is system wide.
Peer to peer.
Securely encrypt it.
The bad news is for anyone not owning an iPhone five, iPad for, iPod mini or an iPod touch fifth-generation you won’t be to use these features.
Now your camera in Iowa seven is full cameras in one. It’s your video camera, photo camera, it’s your square cropped camera?, And your panoramic camera. A new addition is the ability to access live photo filters. With great new photos and you need a great new way to manage your collection… introducing
iOS already knows where you took your photos and when you took your photos that provides an inherent structure which you can use to organise your photos. Photos in iOS 7 are organised into moments.
 Support a gorgeous new interface. Now as you speak your CSA and wave across-the-board and you get results in a beautiful and gorgeously clean new ways.
All new voices are present in siri with a great improvement
 Siri has also gone a lot smarter with deeper device integration. Here are some of the new things you can ask:
Play last voicemail
increased brightness
what is John Appleseed saying?
Tell me about surfing? What are the best surf beaches available?
Turn on Bluetooth.
Turn on Wi-Fi.
New services have also been integrated such as Twitter, she can see what people are saying all that is happening the world’s largest encyclopaedia and Wikipedia and as a shock announcement web search results are now provided by Bing!!
App Store
Way easier to find apps than ever before. You can search by age ranges to kep kids in toe.  Apps near me will find apps the most popular to your location.  Not sure how this will work here in the UK.
Automatic update of apps.  No more waiting of apps to be Updated.
TVs and movies now supported within iTunes on your iOS device.   the first thing you notice is that the new iTunes for iOS 7 provides you with beautiful album artwork images.   Tapping an artist brings up a beautiful display of track names and you see all of your purchases including those downloaded and those stored in the cloud.
 It’s not just your purchased music. It’s your videos as well. All of your movies, TV shows right from iCloud’s right into your iPhone library. If you turn device sideways you can see your albums, you can just swipe to see more when you see when you like, you tap and it seems right in.
iTunes Radio
 The best way to discover new music within iOS 7. It’s built right into the music.
Much like the podcast app the first thing you’ll notice is a set of featured stations that have already been treated by Apple
 once you have a station you love you just happy I and you can share with a friend or create a new station based on this artist or song. You can easily skip to see what the next song is and you’ll be glad to know is not just the feature stations that are provided, you can create your own.
You can also modify the station by tapping on the song which give you options like play more like this, never play this song, and to iTunes WishList. Another great feature of iTunes radio is I keep track of all of the songs that you’re listening to on all of your stations on all of your devices and you can get to them by just tapping history. Here you can also preview or by, of course from the iTunes Store.
And that is iTunes radio. Is available for all of your Mac devices, Windows and the Apple TV. ITunes radio is free and ad supported all you can go advert free with iTunes match
Alas to start with is only going to be in the United States of America with other countries coming soon.
IOS 7 is a comprehensive, enter and iOS redesign


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