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Todays Ridiculous Rumour : Apple TV to Get TV Tuner..

Well it’s been a few months since the last Apple product release and so it’s the perfect time for the rumour mill to start up.  This time it’s 9 to 5 mac and their statement that there “could” be a tv tuner in the next Apple TV.

Unless there’s some play in progress to match iTunes content to live TV programs it seems a sure fire way for Apple to loose revenue.  The whole point of the present incarnation of the Apple TV is another way to watch Apple content on your TV rather than a traditional broadcast method.

What does makes sense would be a built in router,  It really would be the first port of call for Apple into your house.  Connecting devices to the wifi would be a simple tap thanks to iBeacon.  Shows could be streamed from the new Apple TV like a media centre and best of all, zero configuration.

You can see the whole amount of guesswork over at 9to5 mac

Budget ipHone hero image

Is This The Apple Budget iPhone : Leaked Photo

The best potential fakes are the ones that look almost plausible but I’m not sure about this.  Apple has spent a lot of time and effort moving away from the white plastic laptops so releasing a phone that looks similar seems a bit odd to me.

Apple Budget iPhone Is This The Apple Budget iPhone : Leaked Photo

This photo comes courtesouy of Case-maker Tactus claiming this iPhone has a Polycarbonate body to help reduce on production costs. His source is apparantly a factory providing parts for Apple.

With two separate buttons for volume control and the inclusion of an LED flash this to me seems more like an iPhone 3gs re imagined.

You have to admire the internet, when there’s nothing to talk about.. just make it up

iPhone 5S Home Button Fingerprint Sensor [Rumor]

This iPhone 5s rumor comes as no surprise seeing as Apple bought security firm AuthenTec who just happens to specialise in fingerprint recognition Now finally rumors are circulating that the new iPhone may include some sort of biometric security built into the home button. The problem with this idea is that unless it’s as fast as a swipe or a button it’s pointless.

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iPhone 5S June Launch, Multiple Colors, Different Display Sizes [Rumor]

It’s never to early for the iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 rumors to start, well they did start at the tail end of 2012 but as we creep ever nearer to March, the Apple rumor mill is gearing up again. This time a “report” from Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White suggests a May June Launch for the 5s along with different colors and screen sizes.

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