Is everything a Pandora of something now?  Anyways it seems almost to be a done deal that Apple is looking to purchase Swell.

This one is just in the scuttlebutt stage, several sources that Apple is close to buying the Pandora for talk radio app Swell.

It was just this past week that Apple’s purchase of book lamp the Pandora of books was confirmed by Apple that all begs the question what is Pandora the Pandora of?

Sources say the deal is worth about $30 million and comes on the back of a string of content apps that Apple has picked up over the last couple of months including Beats and the aforementioned book lamp people.

If you want to know more about Swell then you’ll have to find out someone who has the app as during the time between the rumours and writing this article the swell application has disappeared from the iOS App Store. No surprises that Apple isn’t offering any comments and with the applications disappearing act seems like confirmation of the stories veracity.

Update. Confirmed. Swell, The Pandora for Talk Radio, Purchased By Apple…. Then Shutdown.

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