The CEO of Nike mentioned Apple on CNBC on Friday and you know what that means? Of course you don’t and neither does anybody else. Still with Nike’s change in strategy for wearable technology and Apples anticipated entrance into that field, Nike’s CEO mentioning Apple is notable.

Speaking about his companies recent change and downscaling of Fuel Band Staff, it looks like Nike is apparently moving away from hardware and software. Nike CEO Mark Parker pointed out that his company has a number of technology partners, chief among which is Apple.

Pressed on whether that indicated a cobranded something coming out from Nike and Apple the CEO refused offer much in the way of comments, just the two companies are still working together and he’s excited about what’s to come.

Pressed as well on whether Nike was going software only for wearable tech rather than the software hardware combo it’s run to this point the CEO refused offer much in the way of comment. They have a platform they’re committed that platform and are committed to growing that platform seem to be the messages he wanted people to take away and the world knows that because he also mentioned Apple.

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