Samsung’s Galaxy S3 might is probably main contender to the smartphone crowd given the dearth of Android handsets.  Granted in our experience “normal” users seem to prefer the more diminutive size of the Galaxy S2, yet there is the same old problem, what’s the best phone tariff to get with your Galaxy s3 phone.  We’ve taken a look at all the UK mobile providers and come up with a handy comparison chart so you get the best tariff out there.

Before you sign on the line.

Price is one thing yet if you have no signal there’s not point in saving just a few pounds.  Use the websites coverage checkers to ensure you get signal for your chosen tariff.  These days there’s really not much between the major players now signal wise yet it’s worthwhile seeing if you are in a black spot

Tariffs were chosen from what we consider the “best” in their price range, comparing text, calls and data alongside the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the contracts lifetime.

Im trying here to match the monthly cost as near as possible.  So taking most tariffs from the £31 – £35 down to the budget offerings. Samsung Galaxy Offers

Three have reduced the monthly cost of their One Plan down from £34 to £31 a month netting you a saving of £43 over the 2 year period.  Originally 2 years on the one plan with a S3 was £816.

Handset Cost
Length (months)
The One Plan. £29.00 £31.00 24 2000 5000 Unlimited £773
Pay As You Go £499.00 £15.00 24 300 3000 Unlimited £859

The One Plan has always shown to be amongst the best offers out there.  A reasonable monthly cost along with generous call and data allowances, other Telco’s seem to struggle to match the offering.  Not mentioned is the inclusion of Three to Three minutes (5,000 on the One Plan) which allow you to call others on the same network but using a different allowance.

Orange Galaxy s3  Offers

Grab a seat for this one.  Ok so Orange bought t-mobile and joined networks.  Now Orange and T-mobile run under everything everywhere but that’s for 4g only when it’s eventually deployed.  So 2 different companies with 3 different brands and different offers.  The net result is probably the biggest network in the UK coverage wise.

Handset Cost Monthly Cost Contract Length Minutes Texts Data TCO
Panther Extra 41 £0.00 £41.00 £24.00 Unlimited Unlimited 2gb £984.00
Panther Extra 36 £29.99 £36.00 24 Unlimited Unlimited  1gb £893.99
Panther Extra 26 £159.99 £26.00 24 500 Unlimited 500mb £783.99
Dolphin 15.50 £349.00 £15.50 18 30 500 100mb £628.00

Panther Extra 36 has gone up in price since the last update.  6 months ago the plan was £864 and today it’s £893.  You do get free BT Wi-fi hotspots access

Panther Extra 36 sticks out  being the most competitive of all their plans but still rocks in at a substantially higher price than Three’s offerings.  Orange do offer  36 months plans are excluded because frankly you’d have to have a screw loose to sign up for that long!


Vodaphone S3 Offers

Always at the pricier end of tariffs and handsets, Vodaphones offerings have stayed mainly the same in the last few months.

Handset Cost Monthly Cost Contract Length Minutes Texts Data TCO
Voda s3 Offers £149.00 £26.00 24 100 500 250mb £773.00
Voda s3 Offers £89.00 £31.00 24 300 Unlimited 500mb £833.00
Voda s3 Offers £0.00 £36.00 24 600 Unlimited 1gb £864.00
Voda s3 Offers £0.00 £41.00 24 900 Unlimited 2gb £984.00

For £36 a month you are getting less than Orange and 3 by a considerable margin.  Vodaphone offer 18 month connects along that of their 24 month offerings.  £46 a month might be steep for some yet you are coming out of the contract early.


o2 Samsung Galaxy s3 Deals

So the 02 network operates under o2 and several virtual mobile network operators such as Giff Gaff also use the network.

Handset Cost Monthly Cost Contract Length Minutes Texts Data TCO
On & On. £299.99 £29.00 24 Unlimited Unlimited 1gb £995.99
On & On. £149.00 £31.00 24 Unlimited Unlimited 1gb £893.00
On & On. £19.99 £36.00 24 Unlimited Unlimited  1gb £883.99
On & On. £299.99 £31.00 12 100 Unlimited 1gb £671.99

02 have tweaked their obvious best selling entry here.  Handset cost of £19.99 and 36 a month is the best deal by far, matching yet still more expensive than the Three Plan above but worth consider the signal coverage in your area.  Freebie wise you do get 02 exclusives and other bits but mainly those things are of use in the London area only.

Giff Gaff

Plan Handset Cost Monthly Length Minutes Texts Data TCO
25 Goody Bag 499.99 25 24 1500 Unlimited Unlimited 1099.99
20 Goody Bag 499.99 20 24 800 Unlimited Unlimited 979.99
15 Goody Bag 499.99 15 24 400 Unlimited Unlimited 859.99
10 Goody Bay 499.99 10 24 250 Unlimited Unlimited 739.99

Note, technically Giff Gaff (running off the o2 network) is pay as you go but we made the length to equal 24 months to provide a fair comparison.  You do pay a small premium for the privilege of being pay as you go but then again you are getting an unlocked handset when they reach the market.

T-Mobile : Cheapest Samsung Galaxy s3 Tariff.

One of the few networks to offer 18months which can be good news for up-graders and not having to wait that extra time to get yet another Android headset.  The Full Monty package sticks out and with coverage being amongst the best here it’s a definite candidate to be considered.

Handset Cost Monthly Cost Contract Length Minutes Texts Data TCO
Full Monty £29.00 £33.00 24 2000 Unlimited Unlimited £821.00
T-Mobile £100.00 £31.00 24 300 Unlimited 1.5gb £844.00
T-Mobile £150.00 £31.00 18 300 Unlimited 750mb £708.00

T-mobile also have some superb budget offerings although quite why you’d want a smartphone with limited data and voice would be a mystery.


Tesco Mobile Offers

99% network coverage, double club card points still makes the pricing a little hard to swallow as you can see.

Handset Cost Monthly Cost Contract Length Minutes Texts Data TCO
Tesco Mobile £0.00 £40.00 24 1500 5000 2gb £960.00
Tesco Mobile £199.00 £30.00 24 500 5000 1gb £919.00
Tesco Mobile £99.00 £35.00 24 1500 5000 1gb £939.00
Tesco Mobile £0.00 £40.00 24 1500 5000 2gb £960.00
Tesco Mobile £399.00 £25.00 12 250 5000 1gb £699.00

That 12 month contact isn’t bad if you want to avoid the prolonged wait to upgrade to a newer phone tho. Tesco mobile runs on the same network as o2 so remember that when coverage checking.  Their 12 month package is a little tight on minutes yet the 24 month offering holds up well.  (Thanks to a comment below for mentioning Tesco Mobile)



Lets break things down by usage type.  Really it comes down to the existing usage of your phone. If you find yourself going over your limit then look at your bill to see if it’s data or voice.

Be warned that you will pay up to a whopping 40p a minute to talk to people with some providers if you go over your allowance.  My advice is look at your present bill, add 10% onto the monthly spend to cover yourself against any nasty surprises.

Best Value / TCO

The Galaxy s3 on “Three’s The One Plan” wins for those on a budget yet the o2 Pay monthly Tariff (highlighted) can be considered for the unlimited talking inclusion.


Get your Galaxy s3 on “Three’s The One Plan” for the best value still sticks, 6 months after I initially wrote this article.  T-Mobile Full monty package is only £48 more over the 2 year period but is is a lot more for texts in comparison.  If you hit over 5000 texts a month you need to see a doctor. does net you more unlimited Texts

Handset Cost Monthly Cost Contract Length Minutes Texts Data TCO
Three – The One Plan. £29.00 £31.00 24 2000 5000 unlimited £773
T-Mobile Full Monty £29.00 £33.00 24 2000 Unlimited  Unlimited  £821.00
02 – On & On. £19.99 £36.00 24 Unlimited Unlimited 1gb £883.99
Voda s3 Offers £0.00 £36.00 24 600 Unlimited 1gb £864.00
Orange Panther 36 £159.99 £26.00 24 500 Unlimited 500mb £783.99


Cheapest Samsung Galaxy s3 Deal

T-Mobile rocks it with a TCO of 552 over the course of 2 years.  Of course upfront expect to pay more and allowances are a little on the stringy side so it’s best considered if you have wifi everywhere.  Watch out if you go over the 50 minutes allowance and prepare for 40p a minute for call charges.

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Disclaimer Time.    Remember 24 months is a LONG time to own a mobile so please think carefully before signing up.  Prices and offers were correct at the time of publishing.  If you have any thoughts or comments on this article please let us know.

Updated 6th June to include Tesco Mobile. + Updated 02 links to Galaxy Phone Page

Updated 31st August
Minor link changes to t-mobile offers.
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  1. Good call! I did check over there but the Galaxy s3 isn’t on Tesco mobile, however i’l write up a TCO so see how it compares.

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