TV Catchup is an iOS app that promises live streaming of OTA free channels.  There’s a lot of these apps about in the APP store but most of them either use foreign channels or “sit at home casters” which are far from reliable.  So it TVCatchup worth installing onto your iOS device?

tvcatchup header image TVCatchup iOS App   Watch Free UK TV On Your iOS Device.

TVCatchup MainScreen 586x440 TVCatchup iOS App   Watch Free UK TV On Your iOS Device.

Other project have tried to get all channels on one system.  Project kangaroo, project see saw, you view and others have been stuck with in a licence and develop look whereas TVCatchup has been around for quite a while now.  A major nod that online TV is heralding a death sentence for the traditional HTPC setup is Microsofts acknowledgement that Windows Media Centre will not be updated in their Windows 8 release later this year.

So think of TVCatchup as a a freeview box for your iOS device available in a full range of flavours from App form or web based for use on any device.   No matter what your preferred method of viewing the experience across all methods is consistent.

Channels on the left, video on the right and tap on the screen let’s you blast it to Apple TV or any Airport express boxes you may have.  Simplicity be thy name.

TVCatchup Wifi Settings 586x440 TVCatchup iOS App   Watch Free UK TV On Your iOS Device.

Those wishing to use 3g data can do so and take advantage of a quality switch.  Dropping the quality obviously impacts the stream but not so much to render it unwatchable.

Channel listings are limited to now and next with no ability to set reminders but an inclusion to tweet what your are streaming to share with your followers.  Unlike the desktop option there is no HD ability, timeshift is also absent as pauses does just that, pauses the stream, resuming down the line.

Adverts are shown at the start of some channels before the program starts to stream and of course usual adverts are shown during programmes.  So whatever you see on your TV at home is what you can expect, in effect this is your free view box on your iPad.

Final Notes

Remember that although the app is free you still NEED to have a TV licence by law in the UK to view tv channels on your iOS / Desktop device.  Bonkers isn’t it!

Also watch your bandwidth as well as your programs.  Those of you on the more budget end of the ISP scale, i.e 10 gb a month limits will need to be vigilant in your watching.

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