Three launches 4G in the UK finally and adds the USA to it’s roaming “stay at home” meaning all those minutes, texts AND data as part of your allowance can be used in the USA.

three 4g rollout 4G Now Available on Three, USA Gets Three Roaming

Customers can use their UK price plan to use text, call the UK, receive calls from the UK and use data in these countries. It makes roaming simpler for customers, encourages them to enjoy the mobile internet while they’re abroad and will stop bill shock from roaming charges

Three Launches it’s 4G Service

Why should you care about another mobile operator launching it’s 4G network, the answer is simple. Three is the only network provider that will make 4G as standard as part of your package. All you need is a simple OTA update and 4G is your’s for no extra cost.

Three says that by the end of January, all of its customers with a 4G-ready device will be able to use its 4G network when in a connected area. The rollout of its 4G signal will accelerate considerably next year, as the company plans to reach a further 50 cities by the end of 2014, with 98% of the UK’s population covered by the end of 2015.

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