Woe is we, us pitiful few Mac gamers, who must bear the brunt of both our hipster cousins who use MacBook Pros to listen to obscure music and our Windows cousins who believe an NVidia card gives them a sense of superiority (we’re not sure why). It’s bad enough that Steam only recently added “BioShock Infinite” to their Mac Games catalog…9 months after the game was released. But when you add a PC girlfriend to the mix, then you get some serious #MacGamerProblems.

She Doesn’t Realize The Late 90s Were A Graveyard

While everyone else was having fun with the new games released for Windows 98 like “Counter-Strike,” us Mac gamers got the bottom of the bin, like “Bugdom.” Back when the colored iMacs hit shelves, the lack of titles released for these colored beauties proved to herald the worst dry spell in the history of dry spells that hit Apple fans. The only triple-A game developer to provide Mac-Windows dual compatibility was Blizzard, so if you wanted to play anything except “Diablo” and “Starcraft,” you were out of luck, or you had to dig out your old copy of “SimCity.”

She’s Never Heard Of Aspyr

Aspyr, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…four or five dozen games ported from PC to Mac on their main page alone. It takes a little while longer, but Aspyr is the reason us Mac gamers understand the brilliance of “Alpha Centauri,” “Knights of the Old Republic,” “Quake” or “LEGO Harry Potter.” Their tireless port of major titles over to our beloved Macs makes them the unofficial union bosses of Mac gaming. If we ever jump out of a plane, you can be 100 percent sure we want the parachute to be made by Aspyr.

She’s Never Even Been To An Apple Store

Black Friday’s a big deal to our ladies, and understandably so. With the big retail stores offering every type of sale, the womenfolk understandably want to get the best deals available. But for every one of the Macy’s sales that you’ve taken her to at 5 a.m. to get 80 percent off her favorite brands of jeans and tops, she’s yet to step inside the paradise of an Apple store. The gleaming lights, the friendly employees, the wizards who heal your computer’s every ill at no charge. Heaven found its way to a corner of the local mall, right next to the Auntie Annie’s Pretzels, and you can search for the nearest one in a snap.

She Thinks There’s A Better Torrent Platform Than Transmission

You can say a lot of things about Mac gaming, but you dare not insult the greatness that is our torrent platform. Transmission has helped thousands, if not millions of Apple gamers to get our favorite games, sound files, hints and cheats, and DLC right to our desktop or laptop. It’s better than anything else because you can speed up the process, sort files to finish sooner, browse a wide range of features and even delete the chaff from the wheat. Don’t ask us to choose, darling, because you won’t like the answer.

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