It’s been a long time coming Apple Music is now open to beta testers for Sonos users. Best of all anyone who’s using Sonos can sign up to the beta.

Maybe you’ve heard. We’ve been working with Apple Music to bring you a new way of filling your home with the music you crave – and we’ve got a beta version with tonnes of features ready for you to enjoy. Starting right now.

Sonos Apple Music Apple Music Now Available on Sonos, For Beta Users At Least

If you’d like to participate in the beta of Apple Music on Sonos, instructions to add the music service are below as well.

Update your Sonos app to the latest version by tapping “Update Now” from the main menu of the Sonos app.

To add Apple Music:

From your iOS device or Android phone (running 5.0 or higher), tap Add Music Services from the main menu of the Sonos app, select Apple Music from the list of services and follow the remaining on-screen instructions.
PLEASE NOTE: You currently cannot set up Apple Music on Sonos using an Android tablet.

We’re Still Working on a Few Things
There’s no need to submit feedback on the following issues. We’re already on it.

  • Ability to enable Apple Music service on an Android running less than 5.0.
    Search is limited to the first 100 results.
  • Improving search to include items from My Music. (In the current beta, you can search the entire Apple Music catalog of over 30 million songs.)
  • Ability to listen to Beats 1 Radio shows on demand.
  • Adding songs, playlists or albums to your library is not yet supported.
  • Ability to edit playlists.
  • Sorting within My Music is alphabetical and may look different than your Library on the Apple Music app.
  • Newly added content within My Music may take up to 24 hrs to show up within the Sonos app.
  • Access to Smart Playlists, music videos and artist posts from Connect are only available within the Apple Music app and are not supported on Sonos.

So whilst its not a fully featured and fledged out application right now it’s worth reminding this is still a beta.  As such this may present a few issues so, as always, make sure you have a backup of your system before you venture ito the beta.

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