A great PR stunt and a little bit of invasion to your iTunes collection, U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence’ could have been another disruptive move by Apple.  Beyonce dropped her Album onto iTunes and that also hit the top of the charts.

It’s been a decade since U2 has had a true mainstream hi

In an interview over at Billboard it’s been reported that Apple paid $100 Million to give away Songs of Innocence to some 800 million iTunes accounts.  I wonder if this is a Quentin Tarantino style move, to give an old and perhaps fading band a new lease of life.

How To Delete U2’s Album From iTunes.

For everyone wishing to “delete” it from your phone: The music isn’t stored on your phone, it’s in your iCloud just like everthing else you’ve ever purchased from iTunes. Notice the cloud with the down arrow over to the right. To Delete:If you want to take the album away from where you can see it go to the Settings app and in music turn off “Show All Music” when you go back to the Music app all the music that isn’t stored on your phone will be gone.

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