Once again we see scrutiny and cries of witchcraft about the Apple watch and it’s from the American Attorney General George C. Jepsen who’s got some concerns about the health data in the Apple Watch.

Quite why Android isn’t getting this level of scrutiny again and especially Samsung who’s toutied their smart watch health offerings shouldnt amaze me.. but it does

Sending Tim Cook a letter questioning something more serious; the security and privacy implications of users health and fitness information stored on or collected by the device.

Requesting a meeting with Tim Cook to discuss the following points.

1. the specific applications and features that will be operational on Apple Watch and when it will be made available to Connecticut consumers for purchase;

2. whether Apple will allow consumers to store personal and health information on Apple Watch itself and/ or its servers, and if so, how such information will be safeguarded;

3. what information Apple Watch and applications thereon will collect from users, and how Apple and application developers will obtain consent to collect and share such information from these individuals;

4. how Apple intends to monitor and enforce applications’ compliance with its guidelines concerning users’ health information; and

5. Apple represents in Section 27.8 of the Guidelines that applications “that provide diagnoses, treatment advice, or control hardware designed to diagnose or treat medical conditions that do not provide written regulatory approval upon request will be rejected.” Will Apple request documentation of regulatory approval for every such application? If not, how else does Apple intend to enforce this provision?

Right at the bottom there’s one VERY important line which most poeple don’t seem to have read.

This letter is an invitation for dialogue, not an accusation against Apple. As Attorney General, I have invited other technology companies to discuss privacy questions regarding upcoming products. Those discussions have been amicable, productive and mutually beneficial in addressing privacy questions in a proactive fashion.

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