It was this slide and Tim Cooks now famous quote of Apple TV FROM $69 when time took said Apple TV starting from $69. This of couse sparked the obvious guessing and rumor mill in motion that a new Apple TV would be out soon, possible unveiled at WWDC if not before.

To keep with the traditional “Apple is doomed unless” mantra that the Internet seems to love, Apple recently reduced the price of the Apple TV from $99 down to $69. Many said this may be because the competition of chroma casts sticks and other third-party streaming devices were coming way in under the Apple TV price.

Others saw this as a way for Apple to start clearing out inventory to make way for a new Apple TV.

The current version 3 of the Apple TV was released, if you can believe it, way back in March 2012. a slightly newer third-generation religion any was released back in January 2013 but it never really has had a substantial upgrade.

Upgrades were fairly incremental and nothing really to write home about. Memory was upgraded to 512 MB and the ability to play video in 1080p.

So basically we are way overdue for Apple to do something for this device once labelled as a “hobby”.


Originally sourced from 9-5 Mac it seems that this might have changed.


 Apple TV 4 On The Way? Current Shipping Time Slips To 1 2 Weeks
Apple TV UK Stocks Available 1st May
 Apple TV 4 On The Way? Current Shipping Time Slips To 1 2 Weeks
Apple TV USA Stocks Available 1st May



For reference:
A1427 – AppleTV3,1 – MD199LL/A = 3rd Generation Apple TV
A1469 – AppleTV3,2 – MD199LL/A = 3rd Generation Apple TV revision A

Whilst the new revisions of the Apple TV do offer better visuals and a faster experience is worth remembering that so far the Apple TV third generation has yet to be jailbroken. Of course if you know different please let us know and we’ll happily post an article for you.

If I were a betting man I would be more than tempted to have a wager that at this year’s WW DC this going to be some pretty big developments around the Apple TV. What let’s hope so, and it doesn’t become all about the Apple watch.

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