Business Inside ran an interesting here’s-why-Apple-is-better-than-Android piece this week, and it has nothing to do with money — well, it has nothing to do with money made selling iPhones, though it could have to do with your money.

Quoting the report:

This week, we learned that a nasty security vulnerability was discovered in Macs and iPhones that essentially lets someone take over your device simply by sending you a certain image in a text message or email. It’s very similar to the Stagefright vulnerability that plagued nearly a billion Android devices last year.

What should you do?

Update your software with those updates Apple released earlier this week, specifically iOS 9.3.3 and Mac OS X 10.11.6. As for why word of a vulnerability makes Apple better than Android, it’s not the vulnerability but the quick fixes. “Such a quick fix could never happen on Android,” writes Business Insider’s Steve Kovach, who went on to say,

“It’s one of the key reasons I always suggest choosing iPhone over Android.”

Kovach went on to write, “It’s something to consider when deciding between Android and iPhone. There will always be security vulnerabilities, but Apple is better equipped to push out fixes to the entire iOS ecosystem at once. There are far too many players in the fragmented Android ecosystem — Google, hardware makers, carriers, etc. — to push out timely and consistent updates to users. It’s why most Android phones are still running software that’s one or two years out of date. That potentially puts all Android users in danger.”

Source : Business Insider

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