The gangs back together, well at least some of us are to cast our gaze upon IOS 10, Tswift vs Kwest, only 2 iPhones this year but three have been released and could Apple have made Spotify kill their free offerings. Oh yes a certain game has taken over the nation. All this and more on the essential Apple show.

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This week’s talking points

iOS 10

  • Mail filtering
  • Mac style mail view
  • Easy ubsub from mailing lists (yes there are web services out there)
  • Close many tabs at once in safari
  • Mark up images in iOS (hurrah)
  • Merge people in photos.
  • Touch id, press the button to unlock
  • Per person read receipts
  • prioritize downloads
  • Remove stock apps
  • Add to iCloud Drive.
  • New alarms for waking up in the morning.
  • auto-playing full-screen effects in Messages for texts like “Happy Birthday”

iPhone bug allows hackers to steal passwords with just a text message – update now to protect yourself – The Telegraph

A prominent gadget leaker says Apple will only release 2 new iPhones this year, not 3 (so the iPhone SE doesn’t count huh???) – Business Insider

Tehran threatens to ban iPhones unless Apple officially registers in Iran

Apple Music and iTunes Match matching methods now match – SixColors

Apple’s song royalty rate proposal would hit Spotify right in the wallet

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Worth A Chirp

Barry : Micro Machines – iOS
Karl : Scrivener for Mac / iOS
Mark : MusicBrainz Picard – If you have have songs without artwork, dodgy file names etc this is the one you need. Not the best UI but works a treat

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