Leave it to the Apple community to find what could probably be classed as the best usage for iBeacon so far. So you have probably heard stories about iBeacon being used in baseball stadiums to help fill seats closer to the action. Now iBeacon can help you on the ultimate pub crawl.

New York, the city that never sleeps, is having its very first iBeacon powered pub crawl. Behind this masterstroke of an idea is the digital media design and development company Aurnhammer. In a twist to drinking beaconcrawl.com is attempting to gamify the pub crawl experience because sometimes drinking with friends in one of the greatest cities on the planet just isn’t enough.

If you don’t know what a pub crawl is or if you’ve never been to the UK shame on you (and hope youre old enough). The basic idea is going from bar to bar and then you end up crawling home, or to the next bar. Now the old fashioned crawl gets a tech twist to the pub crawl tradition relying on an App Store application and wireless location-based iBeacon information to help parcitipants along the way, revealing secret locations and special drinks.

All this is happening in New York City. That’s the city where the police said crime would’ve gone down last year had it not been for people stealing iPhones. Raises an interesting point here. Nighttime, drinking, people wandering about with iPhones a little worse for wear.

The offical Breacon Crawl app is expected to hit the App Store this Friday, 2nd May with the first Beacon Crawl scheduled for Tuesday, May 20th

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