Yet another reason not to use Adobe flash, or if you have to just use Google Chrome so at least it says Sandboxed. If you use Adobe’s flash player on your Mac or any computer you’ll want to get the latest updates. Adobe disclosed a new vulnerability in its flash platform on Monday. This one could allow attackers to remotely take over and control Mac’s, PCs and linux machines because that’s the kind of thing these kinds of things do

The firm says this is not a theoretical threat but a real one with exploits having been discovered in the wild, Adobe is urging users to update ASAP. Mac and PC owners will be updating the flash player Linux users will look for flash player

Those people who are using the flash version bundled alongside Google’s chrome browser or Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11 will receive updates automatically.

It’s not just Adobe that’s having security issues, Apple on Monday patched a major security hole on its developer site according to reports. Apple pulled its developer site down Sunday night then put it back up a few hours later with no noticeable changes. Whilst there were no noticeable changes though it looks like the reports available to developers of gotten a bit easier to find and are offering a bit more detail right off the top.

Whether Apple was or was not changing the reports offered to developers it looks like Apple was using the downtime to patch a serious security breach that could allow anyone to access the personal contact information for every registered IOS Mac or Safari developer every Apple retail and corporate employee and some key partners.

That’s right according to the report had you been a ne’er-do-well with know how you could theoretically get Tim Cook’s phone number and Johnny Ive’s or even the guy who made flappy bird.

9 to 5 Mac has video of the vulnerability in action though the site says it would not have made the issue public until it was fixed they became aware of the issue on Saturday it was fixed Sunday night/Monday morning.

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