A story that David Cameron here in the UK could well do with heeding. today the Obama administration has decided to quit bugging Apple about your data… sort of.

FBI director James combie testified before Congress last Friday saying the president and his administration will no longer try to force tech companies to decrypt the encrypted communications files of consumers.

Not that the administration is totally through trying to get what it wants or feels it needs according to the report.

Combie said that the administration will continue to put pressure on tech companies to come to some compromise on some methods by which agencies could in certain circumstances obtain some level of data.

Those talks seem to be going better or they are at least a bit less contentious quoting the report again the FBI director told senators at the hearing that

a lot of the venom had disappeared from talk with the tech companies allowing discussions to become increasingly productive the report

suggested the change in tone led the administration to forgo any more forceful measures CI worries they’ve already found some sort of something that lets them have what they want without cooperation hence the backing down it should be noted though I’ve been known to sport tinfoil hats in many styles.

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