Remember a couple years ago when iCloud was hacked leading to photos of celebrities in the buff being leaked online? Iit turns out as many have suspected an Apple contended iCloud was not hacked.

A Pennsylvania man is blood guilty to hacking iCloud and Google cloud storage accounts belonging to more than 100 individuals notably dozens of celebrities and stealing personal sometimes compromising pictures and video .

Hacking feels like the wrong word here though he went phishing. According to the report the US attorney for the Central District of California said the man conducted a wide-ranging phishing scheme between November 2012 and September 2014 to illegally procure usernames and passwords to at least 50 iCloud accounts and 72 Gmail accounts.

The accouts included Jennifer Lawrence’s private and nude photo collection amongst many others in what was dubbed as “The Fappening”

Photos and video gleaned from the operation were subsequently leaked online. The individual pled guilty to one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information while they could’ve gone to prison for as many as five years prosecutors recommended a sentence of 18 months

The Pennsylvania, “Collins” pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information, a charge that carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison. Prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 18 months, the report said. Charged in California, his case will be transferred to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The investigation will now turn to the individuals who leaked the photos that they’ve got the guy who stole them.

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