When Tim Cook talks people listen then they apparently get amnesia. For years all any analyst wanted was for Apple to build a bigger iPhone. Finally got that and now what do half the analysts want? A smaller iPhone.

Supposition built on top of supposition, Business Insider had Credit Suisse issuing a note yesterday saying that Apple has reduced orders in the supply chain and you know what that means?

No you don’t need to do I and neither discredits Credit Suisse. Once again we are forced to revisit the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook who said basically the supply chain is big and complex and as many links and you can’t look at one or two parts and assume you know what’s going on throughout that

Quoting business insider Credit Suisse says its Asia tech team has confirmed that Apple has already lowered its orders for suppliers that Apple now plans to build 70 to 75 million iPhones in December and 45 to 50 million iPhones in March.

Those numbers are lower than Wall Street was expecting but fear not Credit Suisse. The 4 inch iPhone that it and a few other financial analysts are expecting could really jazz sales or something.

According the report again the mini iPhone could add $.62 a share to Apple’s bottom line in calendar year 2017 Credit Suisse reckons and could drive iPhone unit shipments 265 million in the long-term course it could also be a made-up thing.

Surely Business Insider wouldnt be trying to manipulate stock shares would they just before the seasons holidays?

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