In an article over at MobileNews that has absolutely no evidence to support it, the iPhone 6s / 7 looks set for a september release date. This “leaked email” aparently comes from a Vodafone employee but MobileNews havent posted a screen grab of said email.

In an email to staff seen by Mobile News, the operator outlined pre-launch information, including that the operator will begin taking pre-orders for the device from September 18.

I’m going to file this under linkbait headline of the week.

The email described the device as the ‘New iPhone’, suggesting the Californian firm may look to follow its strategy with its iPads by not giving it a number (7).

So a new iPhone is going to be released but they don’t know if it will follow the numbering system. Didn’t stop them putting iPhone 7 in their headlines tho did it.

I don’t know what’s worse. People who come up with stories like this and don’t show any evidence to back it up, I mean seriously guys how hard would it be to show the email but censor out the bits you want to hide.

No link to the article here unless they can show something other than a webpage full of claims but if you must you can resort to a google for it.

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