We’re excited to announce that Uber has officially launched in Bristol! So with one tap, you, great Bristolians of the West Country, can ride in style everyday without breaking the bank. Even better you can get £15 off your first trip.

Uber launched in Bristol on Friday 5th July bring its UberX which is the basic service where drivers with their own cars work for uber. The different between UberX and Uber Taxi is that Uber Taxi will use an existing cities taxi service.

On Friday 5th July I checked the app and saw 5 taxis circling the center of Bristol and train stations.

Next day I fired up the iPhone app to see if there were any taxis available and the result is below

 Uber Lands In The West Country.  Bristol Gets Uberx with £15 off your first trip

No doubt this will change in the later part of the evening and i’ll update this post accordingly.

Who says that EssentialMac.co.uk doesn’t bring you regionalised news 😉

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