The race for smart TV gets more interesting, even before the release of Apple TV.  Nuance, the makers of dragon dictate products and LG have announced a speech controlled TV set to be released in early May.

Nuance Dragon TV Dragon TV Speech Controlled TV Coming In May Before Apples iTV

Essentialmac was there at the Nuance Wednesday press event hosted in London to get some idea of what Nuance have been up to the in the world of speech recognition and where they are heading.  One of the most exciting announcements came in the form ofDragon TV.

No hardware was available to show or for demonstation but anyone who was anyone at the event gave a very clear indicication that the set is coming soon, very soon, before Apple hit the market (if they do) with the Siri powered iTV (name pending)

Main highlights include.

  • Unique voice and natural language platform for TV OEMs and operators
  • Makes finding and accessing shows, movies and content in today’s digital living room easy and frustration free for consumers.
  • TVs and devices from major OEMs and operators are due to hit the market in 2012 featuring Dragon TV capabilities.

Nuance Dragon TV Interface Dragon TV Speech Controlled TV Coming In May Before Apples iTV

What’s not been released is the level and deep speech recognition integration will go with regards to the user interface.

Does this mean the Apple iTV competitors know something we don;t about the much talked about, Apple TV?  In a recent Essentialmac editorial where we have reservations about how interfacing with a TV via speech could be simpler than the remote control.

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