Here we go with this weeks GadgetGeeks recap. The gadgeteer’s help musician test the best noise cancelling headphones, and construct a robot jockey to help a horse trainer exercise their steed.

Automatic horse riding gadget section.   First up is Heather, who is an obvious horsey type and yet she somehow can’t be bothered to exercise a horse despite owning a massive stables and probably no end of keen types who would love to ride a horse for fun etc.

This section really didn’t hold my attention to be brutally honest with you once again the show seems to be scared of showing its own identity. It really needs to either be a gadget review and consumer show or a separate gadget building show. Both would stand quite proudly on their own merits but broken down into a 45 min show it doesn’t really gel.

Anyways they end up with a working gadget called the iTrot enabling the horse to be removed controlled by a smart phone and a box of tricks sitting when the riders should be.

Time for a commercial but before we head to the adverts it’s another let’s blow something up segments. This time it’s dropping melons from a great height onto a USB hard drive, in this instance Freecom’s Toughdrive takes a bashing.

Obviously you won’t be surprised that the hard drive failed to work after having 2 dozen melons dropped on it from a great height. Still, it doesn’t look bad bit of kit and would probably handle the rough and tumble of a commuting lifestyle in anyone’s backpack.

Noise cancelling headsets roundup.
In this test we have the following products being tested for comfort and noise cancelling abilities

Sony NC500d

Bose QuietComfort 15

Denon AH-NC800

Sennheiser PXC 360BT

Philips SHN5600

Test 1.  Can they cancel out the noise levels of a rumbling jet engine.  Perhaps the most common use for headsets in this category.

Test 2.  Can noise cancelling quieten down the noise of a barking dog
An environmentally friendly car test.

Test 3.  Head to head noise cancelling.  The headphones will play orchestral music whilst hey walk closer to some choir singers.  Closet headset wins.

Test 4.  Sound quality

So the winner is the Bose Quiet Comfort 15
Five star gadget geeks rating.

Heading into another break and Charles introduces to another life hack with some card and a glass ball.  You end up with a smartphone (read iPhone) microscope.

Next segment

Rick is an event manager and it’s another geek building section as they attempt to build a fast food cannon.  Didn’t the Simpsons already attempt something like this?

Firing food into a crowd and it still be edible without killing them as well.  Interesting idea and you can see all those “where there’s a claim there’s a blame” companies rubbing their hands at this.

Pork Launcher Fast Food Delivery System.
A touch of failure this as who would of thought the wind would affect the delivery of launching food into the air

Ad break time.  Identify the gadget which is now a sadly defunct Polaroid camera.

Finally we’re into the electric car test.

Smart Car ED only available on lease hire for £350pm.  7 -8 hours charring time which equates to 2p a mile and a range of 84 miles.  Top speed is set to 64mpb.

Peugeot Ion – 33k
4 doors, 93 miles topping out at 93 miles per hour.  Interior disappoints.

Nissan Leaf – 31k
5 seats, 90mph and 109 miles of range.  Roomier and a much better equipped interior.  First mention of handling

In the handling test the Nissan comes out on top with the Smart car coming in at last position.  Failing on range, fun and handling only just loosing out to the Peugeot Ion as it has 2 more seats.

Lightening GT the worlds firs, 100% super car  A range of over 200 miles, charges in 10 minutes, 700bhp and 0 – 60 in sub 4 seconds.  All yours for well, if sir has to ask…


There;s emoting missing still. The show comes across as feeling disjointed and 3 separate acts.  I’m sure the narrator is a very nice bloke but he adds nothing to the program and lacks passion or excitement to sound enthused about anything that’s going on.  Granted it still the 1st season yet with reaching the halfway point of this current run it still another program that I really want to go out of my way each week to tune in and watch. f I missed a program it wouldn’t be the end of the world in my eyes which is to shame with the Gadget show but with the Gadget show I am slightly disappointed to miss an episode.

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