When we first did our review of Breeze A Gorgeous Step Tracking And Motivation From Runkeeper, we loved it because it did one job and did it incredibly well tracking your Walking activity with style and panache. With version 1.2 you can now connect your activities in breeze to runkeeper, a feature most users have been clamouring for.

I absolutely love Breeze and I use it on a daily basis to track all of my walking, the only complaint I had about Breeze, other than being a little too enthusiastic with notifications, was the lack of RunKeeper support. Today that’s finally changed and Breeze can sync all of your activities with RunKeeper.

20140721 174530 63930507 Finally. Breeze the pedometer app synchs with runkeeper.

Getting Breeze to connect to RunKeeper hasn’t exactly been a straightforward affair for me. Try as I might everytime I went into the account settings within Breeze it would just simply take me to the App Store for RunKeeper. There is no Settings in either up that make it apparent what you have to do to connect the two apps together but thankfully a tweet from @Breeze has at least helped me to sort this conundrum.


How to connect Breeze to RunKeeper.

If you’re stuck in the Breeze account settings screens and all Breeze wants to do is make you download RunKeeper there is a simple fix for this.

Providing you’ve already downloaded and installed RunKeeper logout, log back in then go back into Breeze and it should automatically detect RunKeeper and allow you to connect the two accounts.

However as of 6:30 PM here in the UK I’m still not entirely sure why one keep it isn’t displaying my stats from breeze, perhaps it takes a small while for the synchronisation to happen?

7:15 PM
Once again the power of Twitter has provided a solution. Unfortunately any walking activity previous to the moment you connected Breeze with Runkeeper will not be imported.

Only from the moment you connect the two, steps be recorded within RunKeeper.

Feel free to leave your comments below and if you have them, send across your screen shots.

19:35. Whoopsie. Steps aren’t imported only activities.

@BreezeApp: @oceanspeed Whoops! Misspoke. Looks like it’s only the activity data from the trips that will get sent over. Steps won’t go to RK yet!Sorry!

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