It was swell whilst it lasted…Pause for laughter. The latest rumored acquisition by Apple the Pandora of finding companies to buy has been confirmed swell the Pandora for talk radio has been purchased by Apple and shut the heck down.

The Cupertino company has issued its usual we buy stuff and don’t have to tell you why, paraphrasing of course. More reports earlier in the week put the acquisition of $30 million.

Apple declined to say how much it actually paid and as for Apple’s plan for Swell it’s believed that Apple could be looking to improve their own Podcasts App that has been disliked since it was broken out of IOS’s built-in music.

Swell presents radio and podcast content in the form of Pandora like streams which are served automatically that can be personalized by skipping episodes.  Whilst the Swell App disappeared from the iOS app store between Monday night and Tuesday morning the application itself was still working.

Swell iPhone info 246x440 Swell, The Pandora for Talk Radio, Purchased By Apple.... Then Shutdown.

It was swell while it lasted while the app still plays audio it’s just got one message

Thank you so much for supporting Swell.  We want to inform you Swell is no longer available.  We’ve been inspired by the opportunity to create a quality product and are so great full for you support. For more information please visit the website

Oh really, more information? No, not really visiting reveals a message that varies very little from the applications audio message thank you for using swell over the past year we wanted to let you know that the swell service is no longer available we been inspired by the opportunity to create quality products that positively impact users lives and we are grateful to all our listeners thank you everyone for your support

It’s always a weird message and one that happens fairly frequently when companies are bought thank you very much for your support were done with you now… Swell

One thought here is that Overcast has a front page of Podcasts that’s personally curated and controlled by Marco Arment. Wonder if that’s inspired Apple?  Unlikely as acquisitions aren’t exactly the quickest of things to do.

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