Filling up those circles with completed excersies might have just gotten a whole lot more interesting and potentially profitable. Bitwalking for smartphones will pay its users a digital currency called BW$. This can then be spent online with participating retailers or exchanged for real cash.

The catch right now is that there’s no exchange rate for BW$. So quite how good a light this puts a recent BBC News story about an IT teacher in Malawi is making up to 26 BW$ per month off the app.

“It’s a currency that can be earned by anyone regardless of who they are and where they live,”

Bitwalking founder Franky Imbesi.

“For some it will be a free cup of coffee a week perhaps offered by local businesses to encourage people to explore their local shops. For others it could be a game changer, transforming their lives by enabling them to earn and trade in the same way with the rest of the world.”

Earning 1 BW$ requires 10,000 steps. Thats roughly 5 miles on average. Details are still incredibly scarce on how the implementaion works and will it intergrate with Apple Health. Will there be a cap, how will it deal with fake steps, etc etc. Hopefully you wont have to have battery sapping GPS on at all times.

From the marketing images it looks like you can get a shiny new iPhone 6s for only 725 BW$. Basic math of 725 * 10,000 = 7,250,000 steps or 3,625 miles. If in a month I could average 125 miles (1,250,000 steps) then that should be about 6 months to hit the target.

Still this could be interesting, having 2 labradors I can easily rack up 5 miles a day. Warehouse workers, shelf stackers, runners are all potential use cases.

Trial invites can be requested via the Bitwalking website.​

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