Hot on the heels on Microsoft’s native offering last month, the search engine giant has gone native. Well at least with it’s apps.

Google has brought native versions of its productivity titles Google Docs and Google sheets to the iPad Google docs would be the search king’s answer to Microsoft Word and perhaps also taking aim at Apple’s pages

Google sheets is the company’s answer to Microsoft Excel / Apple’s numbers offering and a rival to Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote is said to be coming soon.

Both Google docs and Google sheets have been available through browsers on iOS for some now so perhaps the attention garnered by Office arriving made the people at Google start thinking their offerings should finally be native as well.

The best thing about these apps going native is that you won’t need a persistant data connection, all you need is to have a connection to get the files on to your device and then changes will synch up afterwards.

On the downside you won’t be exporting your documents to different files types, links only a weakness of mobile that desktop Docs doesn’t have.

Unlike the Redmond giants offering docs and sheets are both free to download and free to use and all available in the App Store.

Google Docs – iPhone App Link.
Google Sheets – iPhone App Link.
Google Docs – iPad App Link.
Google Sheets – iPad App Link.

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