Samsung sent out a date card to recipients (oi, where’s ours) advising recipients to keep May 28 open for some sort of health focused event. Are they trying to release their own Healthbook before Apple?

“A new conversation around health is about to begin” reads the email “be there when it starts May 28, 2014 10:30 AM San Francisco save the date formal invitation to follow”

A new conversation is about to begin will include wearables because Samsung already has health features built in the wearables on the market such as the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Gear Fit. It could actually be the event may not feature specific wearables or the main address wearables at all as the email was posted from Samsung’s semiconductor division so it could be about forthcoming sensors and components.

Interestingly the Samsung event is the week before Apple’s worldwide developers conference which is also in San Francisco. While it’s possible that Apple will talk about Health Book, the name rumors have Apple giving its own health and fitness tracking software plans, it’s not guaranteed.

The tech press seems to think the central focus of this year’s WWDC will be OS X 10.that not iOS which is where something like health book would most likely live.

WWDC 2014 kicks off on Monday, 2 June

It’s not the first time that Samsung has done a “Save The Date” event. Back inĀ August 15th 2012 which was for the Samsung Galaxy

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