Android users have much to think about this week. Earlier on this week Apple updated Apple music for Android allowing offline storage to an SD card, now it’s the turn of Google Play Music Podcasts.

For some lucky users on Android, podcasts started showing up for some users on Wednesday in Google play music.

Google has also launched a way to get shows into the system although it isnt available for those not in the USA right now.

If you are familiar with how to you can get around this using a VPN or Proxy to get your show listed. That’s exactly what I did to submit the rampant mumblings show.

This means I might tone down my android bashing just a tiny bit actually. Actually I toned that down a long time ago.

One thing that will be interesting is just how well podcasts will do on the Android platform given there’s a whole boat load of Apple shows and not so many Android casts.

If Podcasts for Google Play Music have started appearing and you can send us a screen shot, please do.

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