iFixit has taken apart Apple’s latest MacBook. Bottom line: if you ever want Apple to look at it again you don’t want to take apart apple’s latest MacBook.

Whilst Apple has replaced the difficult tri-wing screws with the easier to deal with Philips variety, they’ve permanently affixed the USBC cable to the USB board and the notebook’s Torx hinge screws are filled with a tamper-evident substance that disintegrates when you insert a screw driver. Not many changes according to the piece, which means the new model is not a lot more repairable than the last model.

The new 12-inch MacBook retained a repairability score of 1 out of 10, which is the lowest score possible, as the processor, RAM, and flash storage are still soldered to the logic board, and the battery remains entirely glued into the lower case.

The thing is are we surprised and are we bothered any more by the lack of repariability on Apple devices. Apple have published a report projecting the usefull lifecycle of their devices and laptops are slap bang in the 3 – 5 year cateory

Granted I write this using my 2009 Macbook pro which runs “just fine” and of course I’d like it to be faster, support handoff and for the all the keys to work but that’s not the point.

To me it seems that Apple make some great hardware that exceeds the lifetime of what we come to expect and some of that has to be down to the quality of construction.

Finally at least you know if you were to pick up a second hand unit on eBay it’s not going to have been tampered with.

Source – iFixit

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