A report from the Wall Street Journal which says Apple Watch 2 will include a faster S2 chip as well as cellular connectivity. Here is what’s not interesting about this story: First, it cites on sources. And, second, the current Apple Watch is powered by an S1 chip.

You don’t have to be that in touch with things from the fruity company to know that Apple’s working on a faster chip and they’re likely to call it S2.

Here is what is interesting about this story. Apple issued a directive to developers over the last few days telling them that as of the June 1st all new apps for Apple Watch will need to be able to run natively on the watch without having to have an iPhone around.

Could Apple be gearing up for a Watch that doesn’t have to be paired to an iPhone?

Here are some troubling things about this speculation: Can the next Apple Watch battery actually power an LTE radio on its own? And will people want to pay a separate monthly bill for a watch? Or will this be an add-on for existing cell service? Many questions, none of which need to be worried over right now since this is just a rumor — a mildly interesting rumor.

The Journal is not looking for the next generation Apple Watch to be introduced until September. The paper expects that to come in lockstep with iPhone 7.

Source : WSJ

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