Put this under the”well duh” but users of the iPhone 4s have now banded together to launch a class action lawsuit against Apple. The claims are that Apple knowingly released an upgrade to iOS 9 that impacted negatively older iPhones. Makes you wonder why no one did this against Mictosoft vista etc.

Led by Chaim Lerman, the class includes over 100 members and is seeking $5 million in damages.

Lerman, who owns an iPhone 4S, claims that Apple did not properly warn users of the negative impact the upgrade would have on older devicess.

After the update, Plaintiff’s device slowed down significantly, with delayed responses to touch interactions, application (“App” or “Apps”) launches (Apple and third party Apps), and many other problems in all other aspects of the phone’s performance. Basically, Plaintiff’s device became slow and buggy, with significant usability problems during everyday use.

The laughable claim goes on to say that Apple, not common sense of owners who own a old iPhone, were aware at the new iOS offering would cause slow down and impact those devices.

Bear in mind that no one said the NEW upgrade was mandatory and it was your choice to install it, but lets not let facts get in the way. The claim goes on to say.

As a result of Apple’s […] deceptive practices and false advertising, Plaintiff and other class members were harmed by losing normal use of their iPhone 4s’s and being forced to purchase a new smartphone as the only alternative to living with a slow, buggy, and disruptive device

Lets put this in the category called “sigh” or “duh” for those 100 people who own a phone orignally released October 14, 2011.

This isnt to say that I dont have sympathy for those who have an older device thats now slightly laggier than before. However you do have a small window of oppertunity to downgrade from iOS 9 to 8, providing Apple hasn’t stopped signing those releases.

Yes its frustrating, annoying and not everyone can afford to upgrade to the new shiny but one quesiton needs to be asked.

How long do you epect tech to last?

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