With the festive season well and truly done some lucky people out there may have received an iPhone or an iPad. As good as those devices are they can always benefit from some essential accessories to go with them. Speaking from experience here’s a few of my 2016 recommended iPhone accessories so far.

iPhone Screen Protectors

Trust me on this one. Once you get a scratch  on your iPhone screen there is no unseeing it. Traversing pockets riddled with keys or coinage you’ll be glad you had a screen protector. Think of this as an investment because down the road if you come to sell your device itll be worth a lot more with less damage.

Recommended : WinnerGear Topaz Glass 3D Screen protector
For those on a budget:

iPhone / iPad Lightning Cables.

You can never have enough cables. Sure the iPhone and iPad come with one but you’ll want to charge in the car or give your phone a charge at night. Perhaps you’re in the office and need to get a quick boost or perhaps you need something a touch more rugged.

Recommended: Reversible USB to Lightning Cable. MFI 3.3 Ft Long £12.99
On a budget:  Amazon Basics Apple Certified Lightning Cable £5.99

Handy hint. Always go for a cable that is MFi certified. This cable passed Apple’s strict process that requires qualifications on product design, quality and compatibility to make sure it will work properly with supported devices.

iPhone Cases

As I said at the start of this article the better the condition your iPhone is the more money you;ll get when it comes to upgrade time. Phones which are scratch and damage free will get up to 40% more than ones that show signs of cosmetic damage.

iPhone cases are subjective but here are a few to get you started.

Want To Carry Cards With You? : MediaDevil Artisan Leather Case (review soon) £19,97
For the Active Types :
For the Minimalist : Apple Bumper Case from £5

iPhone Portable Battery

It;s going to happen eventually. You’ll be somewhere and having forgotten to charge your device fully a battery charger will be a godsend. You did remember to get a spare cable right?

Got Big Pockets? : Anker PowerCore 20100. Enough juice to recharge your iPhone 6, 7 times over. £23.99
Something More Portable :  tbc

In Car Essentials

An in-car charger is an essential iPhone must have. It only takes being lost once or being low on fuel with no idea where the nearest petrol station is and your phone dying to make you appreciate having an iPhone Car Charger.

Recommended :  Anker PowerDrive Lightning (12W Car Charger with 3ft Lightning Cable) Apple MFi Certified £10.00

iPhone Car Holder

For those road trips you’ll want to have your iPhone held securely in place whilst it goes about doing its sat nav duties. Dont go for any old cheap one as they can lose grip and send your device flying across the car.

Recommended: MONTAR Universal Car Holder £17.49

Replacement iPhone Headphones

Sure the white headphones bundled with the iPhone are ok but in terms of durability they do vary.  If you want a replacement set of headphones don’t be tempted by the cheap ones. These are clones and speaking from experience you’ll experience cable rattle, poor microphone quality and no noise cancelling .

Instead treat yourself and go Wireless with the Bluedio Sport M2 (reviewed) which can be found on Amazon for £15 approx.  Prices have shot up recently so don’t spend any more than £20. What you will get is a great set of wireless bluetooth Stereo headphones for the price.

Essential iPhone Apps.

We will be covering this in more details shortly but one thing you should install is a ad blocker. There are a few out there but you’ll be hard pressed to beat Crystal. With Crystal Adblock you’ll see your browsing become faster, you will use less data, you get more privacy and it helps prolong battery life. Price £0.99

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