iTunes connect has introduced some new changes to their app ratings. These include, New App Content descriptions, Update to territory specific restrictions based on rating, new rating system for the Brazil app store.

New and content descriptions.
You can now use the following descriptions: medical/treatment information, gambling and contests, and unrestricted Web access (for apps that permits navigating and viewing webpages for example with an embedded browser).

Update two territory specific restrictions based on rating.
Territory specific restrictions in the Korea, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia app stores have changed. You can see the current rating and territory restrictions for your apps in the manage your apps on iTunes connect.

New rating system for the Brazil app store

The Brazil App Store isn’t no issues a Brazil specific rating fit games to ensure compliance with local regulations. The Brazil specific rating it automatically generated from your existing content descriptions on iTunes connect and will appear next to the existing rating information displayed on your apps page in the App Store.

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