Another iPhone case review this time featuring the Noreve Tradition B which comes with a handy kickstand on the back for propping up your iPhone when in landscape mode.

We’ve taken a look at slimmer iPhone case offerings which are more suited to-night outs but what about when you need something padded to protect your iPhone 5s.  Noreve Tradition cases might just be what you need.

Noreve Tradition 2106TB Review: Noreve Tradition B [2106TB] Leather iPhone Case

Noreve Tradition Back Review: Noreve Tradition B [2106TB] Leather iPhone Case
Noreve Tradition Front Review: Noreve Tradition B [2106TB] Leather iPhone Case

Sure there are other cases out there which may be more suited to slipping into your pocket on a night out but what about when you’d like something a little more significant to protect your iPhone 5s.  Noreve Tradition cases might just be what you need.

Dimensions wise this is not one of the smallest cases out there and in the past we’ve looked at iPhone cases which are a lot smaller. No denying it this case will give you a significant bulge in your pocket so it’s not one for the skinny, hipster jean wearing types.

That isn’t to say that the extra padding doesn’t do a grand job of protecting your iPhone case when it hits the deck. My last iPhone case has lasted a good year of my clumsiness and is still going strong. I like to look in these cases as the sort of case you would take when travelling, such as going on aeroplane does leave your phone is acceptable to getting bumped and knocked when being stored overheads or cramming yourself into your seat.

NoReve Tradition B Flat Shot 1 Review: Noreve Tradition B [2106TB] Leather iPhone Case
NoReve Tradition B Flat Shot 2 Review: Noreve Tradition B [2106TB] Leather iPhone Case
NoReve Tradition B Flat Shot 3 Review: Noreve Tradition B [2106TB] Leather iPhone Case

Just like my other Noreve case which has been my companion at work for the last year, it’s solidly put together and won’t be coming apart any time soon with all the edges being very well stitched and glued together.

As is always the case with any iPhone case that hands a built-in credit card holder, getting the card in and out is a tight affair but this is one of the few cases I find which broke in nicely after a relatively short period. Unfortunately it seems that only the rearmost credit card holder would work with any of my credit cards but with business cards they both performed sufficiently well


Getting your iPhone into the case does need a bit of pressure to get it seated properly underneath the ridges of the case. Once is in place it’s incredibly unlikely that your iPhone is going to accidentally fall out because once it’s in, it’s really in. Getting it out of the case isn’t too bad and did hold up really well after a solid 30 minutes of inserting and removing my iPhone from the case, everything remaining as taut as it should be.

The kickstand.

At the back of the case there was a nicely recess kickstand to keep your phone at a more convenient viewing angle when in landscape mode. It’s a neat little idea even if I did at first mistake it for a belt clip.

Tradition B Kickstand Review: Noreve Tradition B [2106TB] Leather iPhone Case
Tradition B Kickstand 2 Review: Noreve Tradition B [2106TB] Leather iPhone Case

Initially it was frustrating that the kickstand wouldn’t stay out in the standing position as the leather of the case hadn’t broken in. Things did get much better after an hour of usage.  My only main gripe is the material that stops the stand from going  All the way out in the wrong direction is just a little bits too short and so the iPhone stands a little bit too upright for my liking.

Also you can’t tell the front flap of the case behind the screen and then place to stand on top of that. The front of the case is too slippery for the stand to get any grip and not to go back into its folded place.


As with all NoReve’s case offerings you’re getting a robust and well-made case to protect your Phone as my Indigo iPhone 5 Case which has been my daily workhorse for the last eight months, will attest to.

Despite taking some time for the kickstand to bed and I’ve found that it’s a really handy feature to have on a case as I do spend quite a bit of time travelling on the train.

The only real negative about this case is one that I tend to see time and time again when reviewing any iPhone cases that have a credit card holder. Most of the times of the simply don’t work as they are too small or tight for a credit card to fit into. At least with this case you can carry one card with you no problems at all.

Like I said earlier if you aren’t too keen on this particular colour then Noreve  has you covered and if you’re looking for a well-built and functional iPhone case then the tradition B is well worth considering.

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