Got an existing fitness band but fancy the new Microsoft Band 2? Good news for Fitbit owners are least as Microsoft has launched a trade-in programme for the Microsoft Band 2

If you already own a first-generation Microsoft Band you can recycle yours via Microsoft to get £70 off its successor. Even better is the news that if you own a third-party fitness tracker you can also get money off.

Fitbit wearables that cost more than £99 like the Fitbit Charge and the Charge HR can be cashed in for a £50 discount.

Any other smartwatch or tracker worth upwards of £89 can be traded in for £40 off undoubtedly including the Apple Watch as well

The Microsoft Band 2 sports an improved design with a curved AMOLED display and new features, including barometer support for measuring altitude.

The trade-in programme applies to customers in the UK, where the new Band is priced at £199. More information is available on the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Band 2 is set to ship by November 19.

Lets hope that the reviews this time around for the Band 2 are actually reviewed properly instead of some 10 step test done on a treadmill without calibration (shame on you Neowin..)

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