This time we managed to fix chromecast and  airplay for all you who were waiting patiently for it, and a treat for all of you who might have bought one during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
PopcornTime has grown since it first closed down and even reaching the point where you can install Popcorn Time on your iOS device
Simply redownload from our website.

This patch will change your version to “0.3.5-3 We’re Snowed In (Hotfix #3)”

  1. Made the updater slightly more durable.
  2. Fixed a bug with the updater breaking when files are missing in Linux.
  3. Added a button to reset the databases if you’re stuck on the loading screen.
  4. Fixed the missing and not working Airplay bug.
  5. Fixed the missing and not working ChromeCast.
  6. Fixed the stuck at 99% while using subtitles.
  7. Fixed a bug with trailers in the HTTP API, issue PT-1333.
  8. Fixed the ghost processes left behind on mac and binding issues

Hotfixes are automatically downloaded and applied to your Popcorn Time!

If you’re having issues with it not actually updating, or getting stuck in a download loop, please re-download Popcorn Time from our homepage,

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