Startups can be a great thing.  Having a small team of people who are abley minded to flex and sway with the immediate needs of a company whilst keeping an eye on the future is no easy task but it does allow ability to make decisions and execute them in a daring style.  The people over at have just that announcing a change and indeed an improvement based on customer feedback to their much publicised SLIDE 2.0 case.  Announcing the SLIDE 2.1

It looks like from their Facebook page, a mock up was posted and then 2 days later the design was changed to fit that based on positive feedback.  This is what they’ve sent out just recently.

A Small Change.
Just recently we posted on Facebook a mock up of a potential reworking of the image on the back of the case, where Mu Mu is written. We received overwhelmingly positive remarks with this slight change and so have decided to run with it and change the wording to our smaller logo.

We’ve posted a sample shot over on our blog page here.

As it states in that post, that’s the only change we will be making and units are rolling off the production line right now. We trust you’ll appreciate this last minute change that we think gives the case a more subtle look to it. So just to recap, nothing else changes apart from the logo.

A logo placement instead of the wording we have to agree is a much more refined look whilst still retaining a nice “touch” of branding on the case.
mu mu with small logo 253x440 Slide 2.0 Hardwood iPhone Case Gets A Last Minute Change.

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