As the first batch of new, NEW iPad’s and iPad Mini start arriving on door steps tomorrow, Tesco (the UK’s biggest supermarket) will also have stocks ready to sell from 8pm on friday. Let’s hope my local store gets the POS right and removes the iPad 2 banners this time. It was over 4 months before they changed the iPad 2 posters for the old, new iPad.

Update 2  – Stocks now available of the iPad Mini

4th December 2012 : Finally after three weeks of waiting, Tesco have finally updated their displays in-store to promote the iPad mini. Although rather worryingly whenever I went on to Safari on any of the iPads it went straight to a Samsung webpage. Perhaps this is the work of some mischievous individuals or was this actually an instruction handed down from upon high.

Also noticeable was and information displaying credit offer examples when purchasing the lastest tech were also promoting Samsung products.  Are Samsung really that desperate for sales?

Tesco iPad Mini available 586x440 Tesco To Stock New iPad and iPad Mini From 2nd November 2012

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iPad Mini Arrives At Tesco 586x440 Tesco To Stock New iPad and iPad Mini From 2nd November 2012

Can I Cut A Micro Sim Down To A Nano Sim?

Yes you can. We’ve a post covering that as well. You can cut down a micro sim to the new nano sim size with a bit of care. You can see that article here.

5th November Update.

Tesco Fails To Advertise Apple Products

So off we stroll into the local Tesco, expecting to see a blaze of POS, new product on display…… and this was what had changed on the current point of sale.

20121105 134009 Tesco To Stock New iPad and iPad Mini From 2nd November 2012

Now we look at the specification sheet.  Bear in mind they are advertising the NEW iPad (i.e the iPad 3, previous generation) posters and details for the new, NEW iPad.  Confusing.  We’ve reached out to tesco and if we get a reply we’ll post it here.

20121105 134030 Tesco To Stock New iPad and iPad Mini From 2nd November 2012

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