You could almost file this one under conspiracy with the launch of Apple Music and the government now cracking down on piracy, however… Anyone who uses iTunes to rip a CD is technically breaking the law following recent changes to UK copyright legislation.

Now i’m not entirely sure how the main purpose of iTunes was ever to rip CDs and DVDs for personal use but the Intellectual Property Office has clarified that this is the case.

It is now unlawful to make private copies of copyright works you own, without permission from the copyright holder – this includes format shifting from one medium to another,”


a spokesperson told TorrentFreak.

“The government is not aware of any cases of copyright holders having prosecuted individuals for format shifting music solely for their own personal use.”

So let’s get this one into perspective. If we stream music we aren’t the owner but we can listen however many times we like, providing the country we are in has the correct usage rights.

We can listen to the CD we own but unlike like any other we own in this digital age we aren’t allowed to make a back up? I mean seriously how is this right?

So what next for the future of CD’s, a medium with a limited lifetime? Is this a ploy to stop us ripping cd’s so we might upload them to iTunes Match, Google Music, Amazon play etc.

Right now whilst I’m still digesting this story the only thing it seems to be is a money grab for those who lose cd’s or making us re purchase the same music we’ve already purchased before.

Back in the early 2000’s I could just about stomach paying, yet again, for another copy of Use your illusion 1 and 2 due to both copies being lost whilst moving. Almost the 3rd time just becaue Virgin megastores had a buy 2 get 1 free offer consisting of tripe mostly so getting another copy for old times sake kinda made sense.

I get the antiquated war on piracy I really do. IF people were honest and didn’t share their tunes via the web things would be different but alas that’s not the case yet I rip my cd;s and I ripped all of them when iTunes match came out. Why? because I wanted to keep my collection and not to mention hat moving over 1000 cd’s is a lot of hassle.

Yet despite understanding all the reasons about piracy this banning seems old-fashioned and antiquated. Things are moving very fast towards a subscription model somehow and whilst that’s the future of things ruling out advances in technologies based on old , antiquated licensing is the way forward.

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