GalaxyS3 Launch Sponsored video: Samsung Galaxy S3 at the unpacking event in Earls Court, London

It’s not just all things Apple that inspires an article here at EssentialMac.  At the moment the tech community is a buzz with anticipation and excitement of the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3.  The Galaxy s3 looks a mighty fine handset with some unique features like it knowing when you are looking at it.  Here’s a look at some of the features and a video from a huge unboxing event at Earls Court, London..

The phone that knows it’s being watched.

Touted as being designed for humans it’s a phone that watches you watching it.  As long as you look at the phone the screen never dims.  so if you are watching a movie or browsing the internet the screen wont dim down.  If you drift off mid movie for example the screen will dim then switch off.  A neat feature and one I could do with (or i could stop watching tv so late at night)

The Knows you feature

Getting bored of texting and want to call your friend instead?  Normally you drop out of the app, go into contacts to call or use speech recognition but the S3 makes this simpler.  In the screen where you are texting, pull the phone up to your ear and it starts to call that person.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Svoice.

It seems you can ask the phone simple questions via voice recognition such as “what’s the weather like in London?”  The Samsung Galaxy S3 will go off and bring back results in a style similar to Siri but more graphically pronounced.


The phone itself is inspired by nature and this is apparently the reasoning behind the nice sleek curved back of the phone. Other features like tapping the home screen and watching the ripple effect giving you a theme of nature from holding to interaction.

It’s certainly shaping up to be a phone that isn’t going to leave anyone disappointed. Being specification heavy there is plenty of grunt for multitasking.  Example; you could watch videos in a small thumbnail whilst browsing, tweeting, facebooking etc etc.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in stores from 29 May.

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**Editorial Comments**

This post has been sponsored by the o2 guru’s.  That being said the phone genuinely does look interesting and definitely post worth for EssentialMac.

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