It seems that Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, might be tied into Apple music a little deeper than we realise. Unless you subscribe to the Apple music service you aren’t going to get answers to those pressing questions like who’s top of the charts.

The source of this is a touch odd. Pandora co-creator Tom Conrad happend to be playing with Siri and found that Siri wasn’t playing nicely when he asked it a question about the music charts.

 Siri won’t tell you certain things, unless you pay for Apple Music

Granted who;s top of the charts doesn’t mean that much given how many charts there are, release dates and it’s pretty much a thing for studio exectuives to pat each other on the back about but still.

Presumabley Siri doesn’t know the answer or won’t know the answer because it will be using Apple music as it’s data source and no where else.

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