Not so long ago the developer from wrote a small ad blocking, content blocking script using jSON and the effects on the site were amazing. Taking the page size down from 14mb to 2mb. Much more mobile and data friendly as you’d agree.

Crystal started as a little experiment to see how effective the content blocker built into iOS 9 could be. I wrote up my findings in a previous post and was overwhelmed when I saw it mentioned in sites I admire so much, such as Daring Fireball, The Loop and iMore. The topic of content blocking as a whole has since been picked up by major news sites such as The Guardian, The Wall St Journal & The Verge… Would it be big headed of me to think that this all sparked from my original post?

Anyway, after thinking long and hard, I’ve decided to make a content blocker for iOS 9 with the goal of making web browsing with the iPhone & iPad a great experience again, by blocking 3rd party tracking scripts that slow down websites along with giant adverts that take away valuable screen space.

so when is a likely working candidate likely to be out?

I hope to release a public beta version shortly after Apple allow iOS 9 Apps to be deployed by Test Flight, however there is no date on when this will be available at the moment.

If youre like me and ever so slightly tantalised as being able to read content on a mobile device without ploughing through all those adverts, you can sign up to register your interest in the public beta via

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