Economic benefits of 4G web 600x450 Three Joins The 4g Everything Everywhere Joy

You couldn’t help but notice that the UK will start to get 4g rollout this year as early as september thanks to Everything Everywhere ¬†but now UK network operator Three (who won the best value sim for your iPad / iPhone) are also joining the party. ¬†Three is a network that’s more aimed at Data so it shouldn’t be surprising they’ve joined the 4g party.

Three, owned by Hutchison Whampoa, has agreed a deal to acquire 2x15Mhz of 1800Mhz spectrum from Everything Everywhere. – (Source)

Dave Dyson, CEO of Three UK, said: “Acquiring this spectrum will more than double the capacity available to customers on our network. We have seen a huge growth in data consumption with average mobile handset customer usage now more than 1.1GB per month. Three has led the market in the significant growth of mobile data consumption and the shift to consumer use of smartphones to access the internet.

This can only be good news for us Apple fans wanting to make the most out of our 4g ready devices but waiting for networks to catch up.

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