In the last 24 hours there has been a lot of press around both the Everything Everywhere brands (Orange and T-Mobile) regarding 4G.

Everything Everywhere value their affiliates and would like to send this official communication confirming that they are delighted at Ofcom’s decision and they look forward to launching 4G soon.

The company will also be launching a new third brand which will sit alongside Orange and T-Mobile.

Orange and T-Mobile will remain in the UK market for the foreseeable future and Everything Everywhere will continue to the company name and will be the company that runs all three brands.

Once Everything Everywhere is in a position to announce further information we will be in touch.

The everything everywhere brand will be a new brand to go alongside Orange and T-Mobile.   This probably means it will be a virtual network like Giff Gaff but hopefully for 4g.  All we can hope for is that Orange / T-Mobile become a lot more competative with their data offerings as they all faired rather poorly in our Best Value Data Sim For Your iPad article we ran a while back

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