Top Gear season 22 could mean the start of a new radical shift by the BBC to stop piracy, well at least for Top Gear, something which Jeremy Clarkson has alluded to a few times.  Season 22 of Top Gear will be simulcast around the world when the new series premiers 26th January, 8PM GMT

Love it or loathe it, Top Gear enters it’s 22nd season in it’s present incarnation and has become one if, it not the worlds biggest car shows spinning off;

Top Gear USA.

Utterly crap to start with but hitting the later seasons the 3 presenters have gelled together and stopped being 3 american wooden based presenters and actually a show. Ok so it’s just the best bit of Top Gear, the film part so there’s no star in a reasonably priced car, no car review right to the end but at least the Stig is still present.   It’s just a shame that it’s so awfully obvious who’s going to win the challenge.  Fast car = Tanner Faust, Something rustic = Rutledge Wood and for those cars which aren’t so expensive and almost within reach of us mere mortals theres Adam Ferrara.

Top Gear AUS
The best spin off by far but cancelled before it’s prime. Done in a more British way than us British could come up with the Australian version only ranked a dire 3.8 on IMDB and had the potential but networks didn’t agree and canned it.

So for those that like Top Gear being able to see the show as it’s broadcast without piracy is a good thing and if the BBC are taking bold steps to do that why aren’t the rest of the networks.

Let’s hope this sparks a trend not just for the BBC but for other broadcasters.


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