Apple music has an interesting sounding docu-series being produced with vice Tech crunch says the two outfits are putting out a series called “The Score” it’ll reportedly look at some really diverse sounds from techno coming out of South Africa to hip-hop coming out of Minnesota’s Native American nations.

Episode one follows the music found on the Red Lake reservation in Minnesota called Reservation Wrap inspired by the culture and the history of the Ojibwa people

The piece as other episode will show the vice crew traveling to places like Brazil Iceland and Vietnam among others.

The second cool part about this is that Apple music will make a special playlist to accompany each episode, if you like the snippet you hear you can hear more. Of course you will need to be an active Apple Music subscriber to access this but good luck.

I say good luck because find this new docu-series isnt exactly easy. I did a search for “the score” on Apple Music on my iPhone and then a search for “Vice” with no results found. Only searchnig for Vice The Score was I able to find the two episodes and the reservation wrap playlist.

So who’s looking forward to some South African techno?

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