We are now well into December, there is even snow here in Suffolk today so Christmas is “officially sanctioned” and still Mark refrains from breaking out the Quo… Also Patreon did some sort of U turn and say if you aren’t receiving “life changing” amounts of donations they don’t really want your business… Plus Apple TV, SSDs, ARM laptops and more.
Recorded 10th December 2017

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On this week’s show:

  • More from Simon on his SSD migration…
  • Amazon Comes to Apple TV
  • Apple TV comes to Apple TV. Even if a BBC iPlayer update gave it away!


  • Apple claims it can gather data without violating the privacy of its users – Digital Trends
  • Apple commits ‘Turi Create’ machine learning development tool to GitHub – AppleInsider
  • Jony Ive is retaking control of Apple’s design team after two years in hands-off role – The Verge
  • Apple patches HomeKit bug that left smart locks vulnerable – Cult of Mac


  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 keeps your next phone more secure than ever – Digital Trends
  • ARM Powered Laptops are coming… – The Verge


  • Patreon defends new pricing after user uproar – The Verge
  • And from Engadget
  • An article explaining how Patreon view their model – Brian Balfour
  • Note that @jackconte CEO of is now “considering” according to this pinned tweet Perhaps there is still time for them to change course!


Nemo’s Hardware Store (29:33)

Cutie Melon Moment (58:05)

  • iPhone 7 Plus

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