Pah, who needs the regular crew to deal with the world of Apple and the tech we like when you can have GazMac from the podcast and Tim Robertson from the podcast. Discussing headphones, amazon, patents and Top Gear.

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This Week’s Talking Points

  • Apple working to prevent iPhones from recording video at concerts
  • Apple Granted Patent for Controlling Apple TV’s User Interface with 3D Realtime In-Air Gestures
  • Gaze upon iPhone 7’s Lightning EarPods in all their glory – Cult of Mac
  • Apple Supplier Cirrus Logic Releases Kit for Creating Lightning-Based Headphones Ahead of iPhone 7
  • Apple Sued For More Than $10 Billion For Alleged Copyright Infringement On iOS Devices
  • Amazon’s new Prime benefit: Discounted smartphones, supported by lock-screen ads
  • iOS 10 Beta offers up prioritized app downloads

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